Plain Obsession

6 Jun

Resized Plain Obsession


It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. I wanted to let my readers know my newest release, PLAIN OBSESSION, is only 99 cents (Kindle ebook) on Amazon until June 10, 2017. I had a lot of fun writing this book. It’s also free for those who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

Staying safe in Amish country shouldn’t be this hard.

When a close friend is murdered in her NYC apartment, Violet Jackson fears the worst—her childhood stalker has returned. But there’s no evidence she had a stalker, then or now, and no one believes her. Plagued by panic attacks, Violet returns to her mother’s country estate in Hunters Ridge, a quiet Amish community, where she had found her center years earlier.

Bad boy Theo Cooper got the discipline he needed in the army and a dose of reality when his dad got sick. Now, back in Hunters Ridge, he’s running the family’s lumberyard and stepping up to be a father to his young son.

When Violet shows up in Hunters Ridge, Theo can’t believe his good fortune. He always regretted how their budding romance in high school—however unlikely—had imploded the night of senior prom. But Violet’s not interested in romance. She’s determined to get over her anxiety and return to her life in New York. When Violet becomes the target of an apparent stalker, Theo’s protective instincts make him determined to defend the woman he’s beginning to love, even if it means risking the life he’s built in Hunters Ridge—and his carefully guarded heart.

I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think. It’s the first in a new series. If you’d like to stay current with my book news, please subscribe to my newsletter. I promise, I only send out e-mails when I have book news or giveaways. Click HERE if you’re interested in signing up.

Have a great day,

Alison Stone


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