Guest Author: Angela Breidenbach

22 May

Angela Breidenbach

Welcome Angela Breidenbach! Thanks for taking time to visit today.

Alison: Reading your bio, I can see you have a very active and busy life. How do you make time to write?

Angie: It’s tough sometimes, but there’s nothing like a deadline. I write best to deadline because of my workaholic nature. That’s like Mara Keegan in my new novel, A Healing Heart. I don’t really watch much TV. I work six days a week and schedule freelance, coaching, etc. on my daily schedule. I also take breaks between books to write articles and pre-load marketing and do interviews for the book or compilation that sold. I think the most important thing for writers is to actually schedule writing into your daily calendar. You don’t get anything done unless you plan to do it. I’m always working on what to cut out of my schedule!

Alison: How would you describe your perfect day?

Angie: The perfect day is never the same 😉 I’m not someone who can do the same thing over and over again. I need a lot of variety to keep from boredom. But my favorite things are spending time with my kids and grand kids, coaching, and speaking. So I think a few hours of each with some great eclectic food tossed in would be a delightful day. Make it sunny, warm, and near a beach and I might think I’m in heaven, lol. (Remember I live in the cold mountains of Montana.)

Alison: I see that you are a CTA Life Coach. In your experience, what is the single most thing that holds people back from living the life of their dreams? (Is it possible to answer this question in a few short paragraphs? :))

Angie: The single thing I see that holds people back from living the life of their dreams is a sense of victimization. Overcoming a victim’s attitude is crucial. It keeps people inside their heads, inside their defined box (usually defined by someone else), and fearful. I love watching someone bloom as they release the victim attitude and embrace the life God planned for them. It’s beautiful and stunning! That’s why I wrote my non-fiction book that gets used at women’s retreats, Gems of Wisdom: For a Treasure-filled Life. It’s my dream to help people let go of that victim’s attitude and leap into their life.

Alison: Favorite vacation spot?

Angie: Beach, beach, beach 😉 Okay, and I have dreams of spending a month each in Scotland, Sweden, and Australia/New Zealand. Then I want to write books set in those places.

Alison: Tell us a little bit about the next writing project you’re working on.

Angie: I am working on a couple of stories. The sequel to A Healing Heart is the story of Cadence Keegan, the graduating teen all grown up. That book is called Climb Every Mountain—Cadence is a fitness coach with a failing gym about to give up on her dream when a mischievous girl nearly burns her gym down. Cadence has to choose fight or flight when Jackson comes to get in shape for his dream to climb mountains.

Lucky’s Draw is an 1864 Montana Territory: Is thirteen a lucky number? A dozen Swedish widows turn to a Black Irish saloon girl for matchmaking after Hidden Draw’s devastating loss of their male population. Who better to choose their husbands than one who really knows male character?

A Healing HeartAbout A Healing Heart:
What would you do if the one man who can help is the one man you can’t trust?
A heart attack has stopped workaholic Mara Keegan in her tracks, leaving her daughter’s unfinished photo memory quilt hanging by a thread. Little does Mara know, this quilt—and the memories it bolsters—are the key to her rehabilitation. But Mara’s heart needs to be healed in more ways than one. And Joel Ryan is fraying her last nerve. With her daughter’s graduation fast approaching, even Mara starts to wonder if she—and her faith—can mend in time. Will Joel’s photo find a place on the quilt… and in Mara’s heart?

Praise for A Healing Heart:
A Healing Heart weaves tears, cheers, laughter and delightful moments to keep you saying, ‘this is my story, my own healing and my own victory.’”—Janet Perez Eckles, author of #1 best-selling Simply Salsa

“As beautifully woven as a keepsake quilt, A Healing Heart wraps itself around you, offering a cozy, heart-tugging story. This is definitely my kind of tale—one that pulls you in from the first page and keeps your emotions engaged throughout. Highly recommended.”—Janice Thompson, author of Queen of the Waves

Angela Breidenbach’s family tradition is giving unique quilts of memorable moments spanning birth to graduation to their graduating seniors. Mrs. Montana International 2009, an inspirational speaker and author, Angela also coaches writers, pageant contestants, and weight loss/fitness in Missoula, MT.
Twitter & Pinterest: @angbreidenbach


Thanks for stopping by, Angie.



3 Responses to “Guest Author: Angela Breidenbach”

  1. Angie Breidenbach (@AngBreidenbach) May 22, 2013 at 8:41 am #

    How cool you used blue and purple for our names in the interview! It looks so sharp and pretty 🙂 Thank you for having me today.

    • Alison Stone May 22, 2013 at 9:45 am #

      Thanks for stopping by, Angie. I’m a beach fan, too. My perfect day would involve sitting under an umbrella and watching the waves roll in. A book in my hand would be a bonus!

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