Welcome Guest Author Jane Myers Perrine

21 Nov
I’m so excited to have Jane Myers Perrine on my blog today. She was kind enough to answer a few questions about herself and her new release, The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek. It just came out yesterday so go grab a copy. It has already garnered fantastic reviews. And now, for the interview: 
1. Jane, describe your perfect day. 
 My perfect day is getting up, writing until noon, swimming, then reading the rest of the afternoon.  In the evening, George and I’ll watch a college football or basketball game together.   You’ll note, I do no cooking or cleaning on this perfect day.
2. Your new release, The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek, looks like a fun, small town, sweet romance. Can you tell us a little bit about your new release and how you came up with the idea?  
When my husband and I were in ministry, we served churches in both cities and small towns.  However, the churches in small towns were more fun because we knew everyone, the church people cared for each other, and some of them were marvelous characters. George and I’d tell stories about them, embellishing often and laughing, and minister friends chimed in with stories from the churches they served.  From those, I created Butternut Creek and populated it with those wonderful people.  To protect the innocent and myself,  I disguised them.  Although there are people who will say they know the identity of the real Miss Birdie–the woman who runs the church–they don’t.  She’s made up of a woman from Louisville, a couple from Burnet, TX, and a few from elsewhere.
However, I’m sure with the second book in the series–The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek–at least two of my friends will believe they are Miss Birdie.
3. What does your writing process look like?  
When I was still teaching, I grabbed any moment I had:  Saturdays, vacations.   Now I write a few hours in the mornings, edit some afternoons, and that’s it. I have a desk and bookcase in the guest room where I write and a gorgeous Danish chair with am attached swinging table in the living room where I edit.  
4. Can you describe your best author moment thus far?  
I’m a member of Romance Writers of America, a group that nurtures unpublished writers and supports all writers.  Every year RWA sponsors the Golden Heart, a huge and prestigious contest for unpublished writers.  I’d worked hard writing for a few years, accomplishing little to crow about–then I was announced as a finalist in the Golden Heart.   Instant recognition, instant validation.   It showed I was headed in the right direction and built my self-esteem, an important trait for authors because we are always sure we don’t have any talent.  Our lack of self-esteem is the reason readers need to tell us they like our books–please.  
5. What other interests do you have outside of writing?   
We are active in our church.  Because the church is located in Austin TX, we have a number of seminary students whom George and I mentor.  We chair a committee that guides these students through to ordination.  We also, as mentioned before, love college athletics.  November and December are my favorite months when college football and college basketball seasons overlap.   I like to spend time with my wonderful, smart, witty, handsome husband and our friends.  We read a lot and pet the cats.  We live a calm but rewarding life.  
Oh, and I love to meet new people on Facebook and Twitter.  There are the nicest writers there, like Alison.
Thanks, Jane! And thanks for stopping by my blog. Congratulations on your latest release. I can’t wait to read it.


Award-winning writer Jane Myers Perrine has worked as a Spanish teacher, minister, cook, rifle instructor, program director in a state hospital, and been an active volunteer but she always wanted to write.   Finally, she found time and has published books with  Avalon Books, Steeple Hill Love Inspired, and FaithWords, a division of Hachette Book Group.  Her short pieces have appeared in the Houston Chronicle and Woman’s World magazine.   

Jane’s Butternut Creek series is about a young minister serving in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas and is filled with affection and humor.  The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek, the first book in the series, was published in April, 2012.  The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek will be available in November 20, 2012.  The third book, The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek will be available in late 2013.

With her minister husband George, Jane lives north of Austin where their lives are controlled by two incredibly spoiled tuxedo cats. 


BLURB for The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek

Undaunted,  the Widows of Butternut Creek continue their search to find a bride for Pastor Adam in The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek, the second of the Butternut Creek series.

For once, Adam and the Widows—the elderly ladies who run the church Adam serves–agree on something.  Gussie Milton is the perfect woman for him.  But Gussie is skittish after a traumatic experience in college.  Oh, sure, she’d like a relationship but has trouble trusting and throws herself into caring for her aging parents, running her photography business, and serving the church.   As Adam court Gussie, the Widows push and Gussie shies away.   Can the Widows’ meddling change the couple’s lives forever?  Here’s a hint:  the third book in the series has the title The Wedding Planners of Butternut Creek.




2 Responses to “Welcome Guest Author Jane Myers Perrine”

  1. janemp November 21, 2012 at 5:28 am #

    Alison–I’m so glad you asked me to stop by your lovely blog! I’d love to answer an questions about writing, reading–whatever.

    • Alison Stone November 21, 2012 at 5:44 am #

      Welcome. So happy to have you. What a wonderful way to spend the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. 🙂 Congratulations on your new release.

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