Thankful Thursday ~ Week 10

7 Jun

This week I’m thankful for:

  • My oldest son’s confirmation. I got tears in my eyes as I watched him–a young man–stand next to the altar where he had been baptized 16 years ago. I can still seem him in his little white shorts and booties. Where does time go? I know he didn’t always want to go to religious instruction over the years, but I hope he always remembers the importance of a sound moral compass as he grows into adulthood.
  • Kristen Lamb’s Blog. It’s a wealth of information for writers. One of my recent favorite posts is Learning to Drop the Donkey ~ Is Perfectionism Killing Your Career. She’s has a fun sense of humor and some great tips. And boy, do I need to stop being a perfectionist!
  • Luscious, by Amanda UsenI’m always grateful for a good book. My good friend has done it again with her follow up to Scrumptious! The positive reviews are rolling in:  “Readers will really empathize with Usen’s heroine, who is on the verge of letting her past ruin her future. The emotion in the novel is palpable and will draw readers in. 4 Stars” – RT Book Reviews. I just pre-ordered my copy! You can pre-order yours, too.

What are you thankful for?


Alison Stone

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